Dunham introduces readers to Skunk, Raccoon, and their woodland friends in this new early-reader series. When wind rips through the forest and meadows of Buttercup Grove, Skunk is frightened and anxious. Holed up in his windblown home, on his cozy sofa, Skunk calls for his brave friend Raccoon to come over and help alleviate his fear. Raccoon has an idea for a surprise, something that he and Skunk can make together and that may just make the wind far less frightening as well: a kite! By dint of compassionate friendship and a little creativity, the fearful wind is transformed into a plaything. Companion title Sunflower Summer continues in this vein with a focus on developing patience as the friends from Buttercup Grove expectantly await the full bloom of their summer sunflower garden. Sparks’ charming watercolor-and-ink illustrations accompany the limited-vocabulary text to provide interest and context clues for beginning readers. Though quotes from Scripture at the end of each title point readers toward relevant Christian teachings (Psalms for this title, Romans for Sunflower Summer), the positive character-building messages will likely appeal to readers of other backgrounds as well. Darling new friends with sweet life lessons for new readers. (Early reader. 4-8)


Jennifer M, Reviewer 5 stars

One word: Adorable! It's a great story of friendship along the   same lines as Frog and Toad. There were great illustrations and I loved the warm feeling I got when the book was complete.


Rogene C, Educator 5 stars

An excellent and moving tale of friendship with a great message.   

Karen R, Reviewer 5 Stars

A cute story about friendship for young readers in the vein of Frog and Toad. 

This is a short tale about overcoming fear with friendship, capped off with a Bible verse: "When I am afraid I will trust in You." Loved the sweet illustrations too. I look forward to the rest of this fun series!